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Our club is a co-organizer of the international festival of amateur Domodedovo 2012!

The main staples of the Festival program are:
- The latest ham-radio movies, filmed during DX-peditions
- Traditional Pile-Ups, QUIZes and VOICE contests
- The world's first BBQ championship amongst ham radio amateurs
- Ham Radio Musical Festival
- All-female competition "C'mon, girls"
- All beer-n-wine (you can drink) contest
- A lottery drawing
- Ham Radio Auction
- Demonstration of the latest, cutting-edge ham radio technologies
- Flea Market where you can buy-n-sell various Ham Radio equipment and antennas
- and many other things too numerous to list!!!!

The complete Festival information could be found at


The new website address of the Club WW

Dear mates, friends and visitors of the site! We invite you to visit the site of the international amateur radio club WW. Our club is open a new URL-address -

Mirror-link on the site Vinnitsa HAM also remains active and relevant -

Your comments and suggestions on the new domain name forward to the address specified in Section Feedback -

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